Project guidance

After the choice for a MPOmatic customized solution, or the existing MPOmatic 843, a streamlined process follows so that your latest process innovation can quickly put the required advantages into practice. A concise order intake and project planning ensures a fast delivery. Furthermore, the actual placement will be planned together in order to minimalize disturbances in the production process.

Training & education

After the placement of the MPOmatic machine your staff will be trained and educated to ensure a responsible and reliable implementation in the production process. The user-friendliness makes the paintrobot easy to operate for staff from all levels of education. Our experienced consultants have had years of experience in providing training and have been involved with the process from the start. They are therefore aware of the technological ins-and-outs. MPOmatic will train and support your staff until they can fully operate the paintrobot themselves. Often, this means that your employees be partly re-trained from a position as preparer/sprayer to machine operator. Based on our experience we can guarantee that not only you as manager or entrepreneur, but also your employees, will experience the (physical) advantages!

Support and service

A customer/partnership relationship does not end upon delivery. You will of course receive all the required documents and certificates. Also after the paintrobot is fully implemented in your production process, MPOmatic will keep a finger on the pulse. A service contract is part of the agreement and customized solutions in aftersales are also possible.




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