Improved working conditions
Paint robot
Increased productivity
Improved paint quality
Significant savings on paint use
significant decrease in VOC emissions
Fewer trained staff needed
Less training costs

MPOmatic is your dynamic, innovative partner for automation applications in the field of paint spraying processes. For everything from surface preparation to applying complete paint systems. We develop customized solutions to suit your production process with which significant gains are achieved.

MPOmatic 843 – Successtory

Our MPOmatic 843 paintrobot is our frequently patented showpiece. This paint robot can be built into your existing or new paint spray booth and has proved itself due to its many product advantages. Productivity increases significantly in comparison to a manual paint process. The quality improves thanks to a constant build-up of paint which also benefits the visual end result. The paint consumption falls significantly. The VOS emissions are strongly reduced resulting in a decrease in environmental tax. The working conditions in your organization will improve and the risk of staff taking time off work is reduced. The MPOmatic 843 paint robot has been approved by international health and safety organizations and is ATEX and TÜV certified.


The MPOmatic 843 paintrobot has successfully been installed by diverse well-established, large bodywork companies and paint shops. Companies such as Brüggen Fahrzeugwerk & Service GmbH (bodywork builder Krone Trailers), De Muynck Techniek and Auto- & Truckschade Munsters (home paint shop Knapen Trailers) use the MPOmatic 843 paint robot and our services.



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